17th September, 2019

Construction Site Set Up To Do List

There are lots of things to remember for health and safety when setting up your construction site office. What documents do you need? Which paperwork should be completed? What needs to be displayed? Site offices are often set up in a hurry, use this to do list to make sure there is nothing you forget!

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What documents do you need in your site office? Which paperwork needs to be completed? What information needs to be displayed? There are lots of things to remember for health and safety when setting up your construction site. This construction site set up to do list will help you get everything ready for your project.

One of the areas construction health and safety advisors will look at when carrying out a site audit is how well the site office is set up and that the paperwork is in good order. These records are evidence of what has been done, and when. The HSE will also want to see certain items in your site office should they visit your site.

Paperwork and documentation are important, not just to comply with regulations. These documents communicate important information to your team and keep a record of the procedures and safety checks in place.

Due to the nature of construction work, site offices are often set up in a hurry. Use this to-do list to make sure there is nothing you forget!

Information to Display

There's information that needs to be displayed on site, right from the start of your construction project. Get it right from day one.

Safe Methods of Work

You need to have your activities planned so they are carried out safely. You might not have documentation for the entire duration of the project ready at the site set up, but you will at least need to be prepared for the first tasks that will take place.

Management Documents

These are the project documents you are going to need on every construction project. Get them in place as part of your site set up.

Safety Records

Paperwork and records are a good way to show you are meeting your health and safety duties. Here are some of the forms you will need at the site set up.


PPE is important and should be available on site. Workers might be issued with their own, but what if it gets damaged at work, and what about visitors? Make sure there is plenty of PPE available on site for the activities. As a minimum this should include:

Also consider if you need other PPE for the project. Other PPE requirements will often include:

Accidents and Emergencies

Of course, we hope that no accidents happen, and we plan safe working practices so they don't happen. But accidents do happen, and first aid provisions are a legal requirement.

Missing any documentation? Our health and safety templates will help get your project started. Complete the construction site set up checklist to check you have the correct signage, documents and welfare set up in place.

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This article was written by Emma at HASpod. Emma has over 10 years experience in health and safety and BSc (Hons) Construction Management. She is NEBOSH qualified and Tech IOSH.

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