5th February, 2019

HASpod Member Survey Results, Ratings And Reviews

In December 2018, we opened up the member survey to find out what you think about HASpod. The results are in and we are really grateful for the feedback, ratings and reviews received from our members. Here's what you said, and our plan of action moving forward.

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We launched the new HASpod service on the 1st of February 2018. This was based on feedback from you, our users. So it's vital that we keep up with what you want to continue to develop new features and services. To help you manage health and safety, and to give you the tools you need.

In December 2018, we opened up the HASpod member survey. The results are in and we are really grateful for the feedback, ratings and reviews received from our members.

How do members rate HASpod?


On average members rate HASpod 4/5. We're pretty pleased with that. It shows us we are on the right track, but we still have things we can improve on (more on that below).

Some of the things our members said were:

Great system - very simple to use.

David S

Makes life a bit simpler.

Keith M

Simple to use and self-explanatory.

Malcolm B

We love that over 75% of the feedback we got from our members mentioned they found HASpod simple to use. That's been one of our key aims when we updated the software back in February 2018 and will remain our focus moving forward. When we receive any feature request or come up with new ideas, it's our first consideration. Will this be easy to use? Will it help our users?

How often do you use HASpod?

HASpod use chart
Frequency of Use

Everyone that responded is using HASpod weekly. This is likely because this survey was open to those on our annual membership plans, who are our most frequent users. The majority of the members that responded are using HASpod more than once a week.

What device do you usually use to access HASpod?

HASpod device chart
Access by Device

We found members are using desktop and laptops in over 70% of cases to access their account and use HASpod. This matches our analytics, which reports that in 2018 71.2% of users accessed HASpod via a desktop device. Although 23.3% of our website visitors in 2018 were from a mobile, less than 5% of our members say they use mobile as their primary device when using the service. It looks like smartphones are more popular for browsing, with tablets, laptops and desktops used more often when actually using our tools, documents and completing training.

What are we doing right?

Documents are one of the most used parts of our service, and the feedback we got from the survey reflected that. Over 80% of the responses said they used Documents the most.

You said you wanted more documents, and we have been working on delivering that. We added over 100 new templates last year and will continue to add more throughout 2019.

haspod document editor

The new way of editing documents got some love, commenting it was easy to use. You can now edit all of the content, and create the document you need from the online editor.

What can we improve on?

One of the feature requests that popped up a few times was regarding arranging documents in folders or directories. We can certainly see that this would be a useful feature, and we are already starting to think about ways we can implement this.

This feature is now under consideration. Before we go ahead and add any new features, we need to make sure we don't add too much complexity. After all, one of the main takeaways from the survey was that users like the simplicity of HASpod.

We would like to get this feature added, once we have figured out the best way to move forward. In the meantime, we have a guide for arranging your documents by project name.

You also want more content in general. More documents, videos and guides. This is something we worked on over the last 12 months, and we will double-down on our efforts moving forward.

What's next for HASpod?

Last year we re-launched HASpod. We moved health and safety documents, health and safety training, CDM support and toolbox talks, all to one place. It was a big move, and a big year for us. We understand that it involved some changes for you, our users. We introduced new editing tools and updated content. We added new tools and features. And change can be daunting.

To get such positive feedback is a huge boost for our team, after all the hard work. So thank you to each and every person that responded, and to every user on HASpod for joining us!

We plan to add more health and safety services to our offering in the long-term future. More short-term, we want to keep improving the services we have already launched, and add more documents, courses, guides and talks.

Thanks to the feature requests and ideas from our users, we have lots to work on over the coming weeks and months. We are also keeping an eye on the changes to the UK health and safety regulations, that may be affected by Brexit. As this is a very turbulent time, we are watching and waiting on that one!

As a HASpod user, we are building the service around you. You don't need to wait until the next survey to get in touch, you can contact us whenever. If you have an issue, a suggestion, or want to give us any kind of feedback. This gives you the opportunity to request a new feature, or just let us know how we are doing at any time.

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