31st January, 2018

Introducing A New HASpod

HASpod has been re-built to provide a major upgrade, improved membership, plus more services and choice than ever before.

Introducing A New HASpod header image

We are re-launching HASpod as the place for all of our online health and safety services.

Those of you that have been using HASpod previously will know it as our health and safety membership site. We have added more options, and plans for individuals and teams.

We still have the Document, Training and Pro membership plans, but you can now choose to take out the plans for an individual or a team. If you take out a team plan, you can select how many users you need in your team. We have also added the Talks Plan, providing toolbox talks along with record keeping, results, and activity records.

Using our services prior to this update, you might have needed to visit several websites as our health and safety services were delivered from a number of platforms. This raised a few issues for our users:

We have addressed these issues by bringing all of our online health and safety services to www.haspod.com.

You no longer need a membership plan to use HASpod, in addition to our membership plans, you can also order a single document or course.

What else is new?

We have added loads of new features, from document sharing and team edits, to course modules and saving progress.

In addition to adding new features and services, we have also updated our content. Every document and course has been re-written by our team.


Documents are now so much easier to edit. Just click edit to open up the editor, and you can edit the document on the screen.

With the easy to use editor you can make as many changes as you like and you can view your changes in real time, no more forms to fill in. Document editing is quicker, easier and simpler.

haspod documents edit

Click save and your edited version will be stored in edits. Click download and you get a PDF version. Oh, and your business name (and logo if you have the Documents Plan) will be automatically added to every page of your PDF download.

We have also added the ability to include your own images. So if you want to include a picture of the project or a site plan in your documents, you can! With the Documents Plan membership, you can upload your images from your computer or device and we will store them for you, without membership, you can still include images by url link.


Training courses are now split into lessons. This means if you don't have time to complete the course all in one go, you can just complete a lesson at a time.

haspod training modules

Each lesson include multiple choice questions so you can check you have understood the content, and you can repeat each lesson as many times as you like.

We have also increased our course access from 7 to 30 days for individual course purchases. For Training Plan membership, course access remains unlimited.


You can add toolbox talks to your account, and this is included in the Pro Plan.

The Talks Plan is our online toolbox talks management system for individuals and teams. You can complete your health and safety talks online, and get quick access to what talks you have completed and your progress.

haspod talks report card

What else is planned?

There is lots more content in the works, and we will be bringing all of our blog content over to the HASpod website over the next few weeks, so you can access all your health and safety content in one place.

Keep an eye on the blog (and your emails) to be the first to know when new features are added.

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