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10th August, 2018

100 Method Statements And Counting!

We have been busy adding more method statement templates to our library over the past couple of weeks and are pleased to announce we have hit a new milestone...

🎉 100!

Covering a wide range of tasks and activities from asbestos removal to work at height, and you can edit these templates quickly and easily from your HASpod account.

Method statements are often required for higher risk tasks or activities, to outline how the work will be carried out safely. Think of it like a set of instructions.

They are most often used in construction but can also be found in a wide range of workplaces. Find out more about method statements and why we write them in our blog post - What Is A Method Statement And Why Are They Used In Construction?

You can use the free blank method statement template to start from scratch, or you can find one ready to use for your task or activity.

With the new and improved online editor, making changes has never been easier! You can add your project details in just a few moments, online, from any device.

haspod document editor

We have a step-by-step guide on creating and editing health and safety documents to get you started.

All of our health and safety templates are available to purchase individually, or alternatively, you can get unlimited access to every template, including any new ones we add, with the Documents Plan membership.

Speaking of new ones we add, we're not stopping at 100 and will be adding more templates over the coming weeks. We currently have over 400 health and safety templates available.

You can try out HASpod, and have a go at editing and downloading a document for your business on the Free Plan.

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