7th April, 2020

How To Rename And Organise Documents With HASpod

Renaming, organising and finding your health and safety documents is easy with HASpod. In this guide we will show you how to rename your edits and organise by project, so you can quickly find the health and safety document you need.

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This guide works best with the Documents and Pro membership plans, which include ongoing storage of your edits.

To create a health and safety document, you need a HASpod account. You can either create one when ordering a document, or join with one of our membership plans (we also have a free plan if you want to try out HASpod and create a free document).

Once you have created a few health and safety documents, you might want to organise them so you can quickly find the document you need again later. Just like you can rename files on your computer, you can rename edits in your HASpod account. In this guide, we will cover how you can rename your edits to organise your edits by project, task or reference location.

Log in

There are a couple of steps we need to take before we can organise your edits. You need to be logged in to your HASpod account, and you need to have created some documents.

Find out how to create health and safety documents on HASpod in our step-by-step guide. You can get started for free!

Once you have some document edits on your account we can go ahead and start to organise them.

Go to the documents

When you log in to your account, you will see your user dashboard. Right now we want to access the documents service, so click the Documents button on your user dashboard.

haspod user dashboard

This will take you to the documents area of your account. It's where you can access hundreds of health and safety templates, create edits and download your finished documents.

Go to your edits

When you first enter the document service, you will see the documents screen. This shows you information on edits you have created and templates available on your account. We want to organise your edits. Click the Edits button on the screen, or in the top menu.

documents edits

Edits created when you edit a health and safety template. It's your edited version of a document. An edit includes your changes, including your project details and any extra information you have added.

By default, your edits will be saved with the same name as the template you created them from. For example, if you created a document from the manual handling risk assessment template, your edit will be called manual handling risk assessment.

But what if you need to create more than one manual handling risk assessment, for different tasks or projects? How will you know which one is which? You could click on each one and check the content. Or, you could make your life easier by renaming your edits.

Rename an edit

Renaming an edit is quick and simple. You can do it right from the editor. Open the edit you want to rename, and then click the document title (at the top of the page above the editor toolbar) or click the Settings icon in the editor.

edit title settings

Now you can rename your edit.

edit rename

Organise your edits

You can rename your edit whatever you like. We recommend adding the project name so you can easily search for all the documents relating to a project. Or you could use a reference number for your project. Or maybe name the edit for the location, site or team it applies to.

documents organise

Great, renaming and organising your edits will make it easy to find what you need and keep your documents in order. When you download your edit, the PDF will automatically include the title you have provided in the filename, ready to share with your team and others.

Don't forget to download your finished document, so you can share it with your team, clients and other people. You might also need to collect signatures on your finished document, here's a guide for getting people to sign your PDF.

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