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22nd September, 2017

How to write a risk assessment in 5 minutes

Risk assessments are a legal requirement and are needed in practically every business of every size.

Writing your risk assessments can be time consuming, you need to go through your activity step by step (see the 5 steps to risk assessment), considering the hazards, people, the harm that could occur, and the controls needed to ensure the task or activity will be carried out safely.

The risk assessments you produce help you to communicate and manage the risks involved in your work.

They can often be used as the subject of the safety briefing, or tool box talk, carried out prior to the activity taking place.

Ok, we know what a risk assessment is, but how can we write one in 5 minutes?

Writing a risk assessment from scratch in 5 minutes, might be a little tricky. That's why we use templates when creating risk assessments, because it reduces the time spent on less important stuff, like picking a layout, adding business details and making things look pretty. More time can be focused on the important content, like hazards and controls.

To help you and your team reduce the time spent writing health and safety documentation, our health and safety experts prepare hundreds of health and safety templates for construction activities.

These can be used by your business and adapted for your activities.

Risk assessment templates can save you time because:

You no longer need to worry about the layout.

We give you a standard layout for the risk assessment, following best practices like the 5 steps to risk assessment. If you have ever started creating a document from a blank sheet, you know how much time you can end up spending just deciding how to split the document up into sections, layout, tables etc.

We tell you what information is required.

Hazards, risk levels, controls, people at risk, just enter your task specific details where they are needed.

We pre-complete the information.

Generic information for the task and controls needed are all pre-completed for you, so you can just make your edits, and add site specific details.

You can choose from a variety of pre-completed risk assessments for activities such as groundworks, joinery, refurbishment, plumbing, from underground drainage to roof installation.

This makes writing your risk assessment in 5 minutes easy, just:

  1. Search for your task or activity in our pre-completed templates.
  2. Add your business name and project details.
  3. Edit the template to add any additional project specific details as required.
  4. Download your finished risk assessment.
  5. Want to start from scratch? We can still help you reduce the time you spend on your paperwork. You can download a blank risk assessment template for free to help you get started.

We have hundreds of health and safety documents ready for your business to use, pre-completed by health and safety experts. Browse our entire library, or just jump straight to the risk assessments.

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