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Are you wondering how to calculate risk, and which risks to control first? Enter your hazards and select likelihood and severity below to find out. The risk assessment calculator will tell you where risk is highest, and by how much.

How likely is it to cause harm?

How severe could the harm be?



The risk level for your hazard is unknown and scores - / 10 for risk.

Let's get started, use the calculator to find out your risk level!

Risk List

Add to the risk list using the calculator. Your risks are listed in priority with the highest risk at the top!

Hazard Likelihood Severity Risk
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The risk list is ordered from highest risk to lowest risk. You should focus on controlling the highest risks first, because they are most likely to cause harm, or could cause the most harm.

However, some controls might take longer to put in place than others. For example a high level risk might be reduced by some new equipment that will take a couple of months to get ordered and installed, while other risks might be controlled simply by changing a work method.

You don't have to control your risks strictly in the order of the risk list.

If there are some lower level risks on your list that can be controlled quickly and easily, let them jump the queue for some quick wins on risk reduction.

Risk Matrix

If you want more information on how our risk assessment calculator gets its risk levels, take a look at this simplified risk matrix we use when calculating likelihood x severity.

Slight Moderate Extreme
Low Very Low Risk Low Risk Medium Risk
Medium Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk
High Medium Risk High Risk Intolerable Risk
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