7th May, 2019

Do You Provide Health And Safety Advice?

Our support team is here to help you get the most out of HASpod. One thing we can't do, is act as health and safety advisors for your project or business. In many cases, businesses can manage health and safety themselves. HASpod gives you and your team the tools you need to do this.

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We often get asked for health and safety advice, and we are always happy to point people in the right direction. This could be to an article on our blog, one of our CDM guides or health and safety documents, or even a training course.

Our support team is here to help you get the most out of HASpod. One thing we can't do, however, is act as health and safety advisors for your project or business.

The reason for this is because we have never visited or inspected your business. We haven't assessed the way you carry out activities or the sites you work on. While our team have experience acting as health and safety advisers, this would always involve a site visit and an ongoing consultant based relationship with a business.

In many cases, businesses can manage health and safety themselves. The HASpod service has been developed to help teams with the tools they need to do this. You can access health and safety content, resources, tools and templates. To refresh your knowledge or learn something new. Or to save you time when you need a form or document.

When getting help, you should give preference to those in your own organisation who have the appropriate level of competence (which can include the employer themselves) before looking for help from outside.

If you need specialist advice or have a health and safety problem you or your team don't feel confident handling, you might need a different type of service. Something more hands on. Specialist help. In these situations, we always recommend getting help from a health and safety consultant or advisor.

HASpod is an online service. As an online service, we can't act as your advisor or be appointed as your competent person or principal designer for example. While we don't act as your health and safety consultants, we aim to give you the tools and content you need to manage health and safety. There are a number of ways you can find the information you need on HASpod.


We put a lot of our health and safety knowledge and experience, along with answers to common health and safety questions, on our blog. You are reading an article from our blog right now!

You can get advice for a wide range of subjects, including health and safety responsibilities of employers, and employees, how to report health and safety concerns, and who a competent person is.

You will also find more specialist information on asbestos, construction, CDM, COSHH, health, fire, vibration and other health and safety subjects.


Guides are usually step-by-step and include checklists or screenshots as needed to help you through a subject.

Sometimes, we produce detailed guides on a subject that is larger or more complex. An example of this is our CDM duty holder guides. We also include some guides for using HASpod, and for a range of health and safety topics, on the blog.

Guides you in the right direction


We build health and safety tools to help you with your responsibilities. Some of these tools, you can use for free. Examples include the free risk assessment calculator to help you assess risk levels. And the free HAVS calculator to help you manage vibration exposure.

Other tools like our online health and safety talks platform, you can access with a membership plan.


We recently launched the free CDM compliance checklist, and are regularly working on new health and safety checklists and forms to add to our document templates.

Tick your way to compliance with a checklist


Another good place to get health and safety information is in our document templates. We have hundreds of documents including risk assessments, method statements, policies and forms. You can browse through all of our documents here.

Many of our toolbox talks are free and contain 5 minutes worth of health and safety information on a specific topic. You can read these, download them, edit them and even deliver the talk to your team on site.


Many times when people contact us for advice, it's because they simply don't know where to start on a health and safety issue. What is a risk assessment and how do I do one? What is RIDDOR and what needs to be reported? What is CDM and how do I comply?

If you want to go deeper than our blog posts and guides, then a training course can be a great way to dive into a topic and really understand it.

Let us know if any subject isn't covered on our blog or in our guides, or if you can't find the document or training course you need. We are always working on new content and happy to take requests!

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