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Are you wondering how to calculate vibration exposure, for one tool or multiple tools, and stay within the legal limits? Enter your tools and times below to find out. The HAVS calculator will tell you if you are under or over the exposure action value, and how close you are to the limit.



A tool with a vibration output of 0m/s² reaches the EAV (Exposure Action Value) in 0hrs:0mins and the ELV (Exposure Limit Value) in 0hrs:0mins.

Let's get started, use the calculator to find out your vibration exposure!

HAVS Register

Add to the HAVS register using the calculator. This register is a record of your vibration exposure across multiple tools, so you know when you need to take action.

Tool Output Minutes Points
Waiting for your first exposure...

Total Points: 0

Looking good! So far, you're under the exposure action value - keep working safely.

More Information

What's the maximum number of points?

With HAVS, points don't mean prizes. The lower your points, the better.

The points based system used by this calculator gives you up to 100 points before you reach the EAV (exposure action value) and 400 points to the ELV (exposure limit value).

400 points is your maximum exposure, it's the same as the 5m/s²A(8) legal limit, and it can't be exceeded each day.

You can read our blog post on how to calculate vibration exposure if you want to learn more about how the calculator and its points based system works.

Can I use this calculator for multiple tools?

Yes! One of the common mistakes people make is checking vibration exposure on tools individually, but not considering levels across all the tools they use throughout the day.

If a drill is safe to use for 1 hour, and a grinder safe for 2 hours, how long do you have if you use both together? 3 hours? No! 1 and a half? Nope.

The calculator adds each exposure to the HAVS register below your result, so you can see how your exposure adds up across multiple tools.

How do I use this for multiple people?

You can use this calculator for multiple people, but you should create a HAVS register for each user. So, calculate exposure levels for one user, before refreshing the page to start again for another user.

The legal limits for exposure values and limit values are on a per user basis. Points are not shared between users, so you need to check each users exposure values if you are managing a team.

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