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11th February, 2014

Does My Business Need First Aid Training?

Every business should have adequate levels of first aid cover.

As we all know, accidents and illness can happen at any time. In an emergency medical situation, the delivery of first aid could quite literally be the difference between life and death.

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, this includes ensuring that employees can receive immediate attention if they are injured, or taken ill, at work.

Your workplace does not have to be high risk for an accident to occur. If one did, what would you do?

Of course, people will try to help, but they may not know what to do or take the wrong course of action.

Without first aid training, staff may panic and the actions of those attempting to help could make the situation worse.

With first aid training nominated first aiders in your workplace can take appropriate action to help any person injured or suffering from major illness.

A first aider is someone who has been trained by a competent first aid training provider in the delivery of first aid at work or emergency first aid at work, and has the appropriate level of first aid training to provide first aid.

Those with first aid training have the knowledge and skills to give the first response in an emergency situation, while you are waiting for medical professionals to arrive.

Importantly, having first aid skills and knowledge will reduce panic and confusion in a demanding medical situation.

First aid training will give the nominated first aiders within your business the competency to deliver calm and safe first response at the scene.

Training provides a safe environment to practice life saving first aid skills and understand how to manage an emergency.

It is easy to see why every workplace needs first aid arrangement in place, even in small low risk work environments there should be people appointed who know what to do in the event of an emergency.

The level of first aid training you require will depend on your business, and a first aid needs assessment should take account of:

The hazards and risks present (higher risk environments need more training)

The workforce (number and vulnerability of your staff and visitors or clients)

The workplace (if your business has various sites they will all need appropriate first aid cover)

First aid training will help you to comply with the law and create a safe environment within your workplace.

Full first aid training is usually carried out every three years, if you need to refresh your first aid knowledge, or want to become an appointed person, check out our online health and safety courses.

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