28th June, 2022

10 Free Health And Safety Wallpapers

Use these 10 free health and safety wallpapers to maintain a safety focus in your business. Set as a desktop background, or download and print as a poster to display at work. These wallpapers feature quotes, definitions, and phrases - helping you create a positive health and safety culture.

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Work can be demanding. When you're busy or distracted, it's easy to forget the most important thing at work. You.

People aren't robots - you can't easily replace someone with an exact copy. We all have individual skills, experience and expertise.

But people also can't be programmed to act the same way each time we do a task. People make decisions. Mistakes happen in the rush of a deadline or even in day-to-day complacency.

Safety isn't just a one-time thing. But if you don't work safely every time, you are taking chances. The chance of something going wrong. Of someone getting hurt.

These chances are when accidents happen.

Because that's what the definition of risk is. The chance that somebody could be harmed.

By taking chances, you increase the risk.

These 10 free health and safety wallpapers aren't going to reduce the risks in your workplace. But they will help remind you and your team of the importance of working safely. And not to take chances with it.

Each design includes a message to keep health and safety at the top of your mind. So maybe if you are busy at work, or have your mind on other things, you won't forget to look after yourself and others.

To download, right-click the wallpaper and select 'Save Image As...'. Or, download all 10 health and safety wallpapers.

1. One life. Protect it.

one life health and safety wallpaper

Work isn't a computer game - there are no extra lives to collect. Every year people suffer life-changing and life-ending injuries at work.

Whether you use this for a poster in the workplace or as a desktop background, it will help remind you and your team of the personal impact health and safety has.

2. Safety first. You don't come second.

safety first health and safety wallpaper

What's more important, your work or your life?

Putting safety first is putting yourself first. Deadlines, budgets and other work pressures will all impact how a task is completed, but always consider yourself (and your safety) first.

3. Spot a hazard. Stop the risk.

spot a hazard health and safety wallpaper

Spotting hazards is one of the first steps to risk assessment. You can't control risks unless you identify the hazards creating the risks.

Use this design as a poster to help remind your team to be on the lookout for hazards.

4. Safety definition.

safety definition health and safety wallpaper

Use this desktop wallpaper design to remember what safety is.

Creating a safe work environment protects people from danger, risk or injury. And who wouldn't want to be safe at work?

5. Risk calculation.

risk calculation health and safety wallpaper

How do we calculate risk? Likelihood and severity. The likelihood that harm will occur and the potential severity of that harm. Easily remember with this wallpaper design.

Use our free risk calculator to measure risk in your work activities.

6. Tomorrow.

tomorrow health and safety wallpaper

Tomorrow is your reward for working safely today.

Every year hundreds of workers don't get a tomorrow. In 2020/21, 142 workers were killed at work, according to HSE statistics.

Make sure you and your team get through the working day safely.

7. Let's talk safety.

talk safety health and safety wallpaper

Your team can be involved with safety initiatives. They can alert you to problems and give you feedback. It all starts with a conversation.

Being involved makes people much more likely to comply with health and safety, and they probably have some great ideas.

Use this as a wallpaper or poster to encourage health and safety conversations.

8. Think safety.

think safety health and safety wallpaper

Health and safety isn't a single assessment or an item on your agenda - it's part of everything you do. Remember to be aware and stay alert because risks are all around you.

9. Work safe.

work safe health and safety wallpaper

Stay focused and avoid complacency. Mistakes cost lives.

You don't have to be perfect. Make sure your health and safety systems have multiple layers. Include collective and personal controls. That way, if one thing goes wrong, people are still safe.

10. HASpod

HASpod health and safety wallpaper

That's us!

We provide online tools and resources so you can put health and safety in everything you do.

To download a health and safety wallpaper, right-click the wallpaper and select 'Save Image As...'. Or, download all 10 health and safety wallpapers.

Want to go further with your health and safety awareness? Download the free safety awareness toolbox talk for your business!

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This article was written by Emma at HASpod. Emma has over 10 years experience in health and safety and BSc (Hons) Construction Management. She is NEBOSH qualified and Tech IOSH.

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