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3rd April, 2018

10 Free Health And Safety Wallpapers

Set as a desktop background (wallpaper), or download and print as a poster, use these 10 free health and safety designs to maintain safety focus.

Featuring health and safety quotes, definitions and phrases, helping you create a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

Each design includes a message to keep health and safety at the top of individual and team minds.

Let's take a look at the 10 health and safety desktop wallpapers you can download for free.

To download, right click the wallpaper and select 'Save Image As...'. Or, download all 10 health and safety wallpapers.

one life health safety wallpaper

1. One life. Protect it.

Whether you use this for a poster in the workplace, or as a desktop background, it will help remind you and your team of the personal impact health and safety has.

safety first health safety wallpaper

2. Safety first. You don't come second.

Putting safety first, is putting yourself first. Deadlines, budgets and other work pressures will all impact how a task is completed, but always consider yourself (and your safety) first.

hazard spot health safety wallpaper

3. Spot a hazard. Stop the risk.

Spotting hazards is one of the first steps to risk assessment. You can't control risks unless you identify the hazards creating the risks. Use this design as a poster to help remind your team to be on look out for hazards.

safety definition wallpaper

4. Safety definition.

Use this desktop wallpaper design to remember what safety is, and to remember to create a safe work environment.

risk calculation wallpaper

5. Risk calculation.

How do we calculate risk? Likelihood and severity. The likelihood that harm will occur and the potential severity of that harm. Easily remember with this wallpaper design.

tomorrow health safety wallpaper

6. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is your reward for working safely today. Every year hundreds of workers don't get a tomorrow, make sure you and your team get through the working day safely.

talk safety wallpaper

7. Let's talk safety.

Your team is much more likely to comply with health and safety if they are involved in the conversation. Use this as wallpaper or poster to encourage health and safety conversations.

think safety wallpaper

8. Think safety.

Health and safety isn't a single assessment or an item on an agenda, it's part of everything you do. Remember to be aware, and stay aware, of the risks around you.

work safe wallpaper

9. Work safe.

Stay focused and avoid complacency. Mistakes cost lives.

haspod wallpaper

10. HASpod

That's us! Proving online tools and resources so you can put health and safety in everything you do.

Want to further with your health and safety awareness? Download the free safety awareness toolbox talk for your business!

Better health and safety...

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