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26th February, 2018

How To Manage Teams On HASpod

HASpod team membership plans allow you to add users to access content, share documents, and manage training results, without having to share login information or account settings.

Teams membership plans are recommended for business owners who want to provide health and safety tools, information and training to employees.

This guide will explain team settings and how you can add users, change permissions, and manage your team in HASpod.

Get a team plan

To create a team on HASpod, you need a team plan. All of our membership plans can be added to your account as team plans, and you can select the number of users you need.

Once you have a team plan, you will be able to add users to your team from your account under Account > Team

haspod user dashboard team button

Add a user

When you add a user to your HASpod team, they will get their own login information. If the user you add does not already have a HASpod account, one will be created for them and they will get an email with instructions on how to access it. If they already have a HASpod account, they will get an email informing them they have been added to your team.

You can add team members to your team at Account > Team > Add User

Enter the users name and email address, and press the Add User button. The user will be added to your team and emailed with instructions for getting started.

haspod user team add

Team member roles

There are three roles associated with team accounts:

  • Manager: This is the team owner and has full control over the team account, billing, services, members and settings. There can only be one team manager and the role is assigned automatically to the user who created the team.
  • Admin: This is a team member with extra permissions. They can access other team members results, remove shared content, add and remove team members, and change other team members permissions. Give this role to trusted users only.
  • Member: This is the default status for someone you add to your team. They have full access to the services on your team, but can't see other team members results or change settings on your team.

If you want to upgrade a user to the Admin role, you can do this from Account > Team > Users, select the user and click the role change icon Member button.

haspod user team admin button

Now you can confirm you want to add this user as a team admin.

haspod user team admin form

You can also remove admin users in the same way. There is no limit to the number team members you can have as admin users, but you should only give this role to trusted users. Admin users can make permanent changes to your team such as removing users. Admin users can manage users and shared content, but they cannot alter your membership plan or access any billing information.

Remove a user

You can remove a user from your team at any time.

If you want to remove a user, you can do this from Account > Team > Users, select the user and click the user remove icon Remove button.

You will then need to confirm that you want to remove the user from your team (as this cannot be undone), and then click the Remove User button. The user will be emailed to let them know they have been removed from the team.

haspod user team remove form

While to can add a user back on to your team, you may not be able to access any records created before they were added to your team. There are limits to the number of users you can add and remove from your account per year, to comply with our terms of use.

That's the introduction to HASpod team management over. You should now be able to add and remove users, and upgrade team members to team admins. Keep an eye on the blog and support for the latest features.

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