Harness Inspection Checklist Form Template

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Document Description

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Use this Harness Inspection Checklist Form template to check if your harness remains in good condition and is safe to use. The checklist covers the different parts of the harness needed for safety, including webbing and straps, buckles and adjusters, D-rings and hardware, labels, and markings.

Harness inspections include pre-use checks, detailed inspections and interim inspections as appropriate. A pre-use check is a visual inspection before each use, with more detailed inspections carried out every 3-6 months depending use frequency and conditions.

This Harness Inspection Checklist will help you look for defects and damage to decide if the harness should continue to be used, or withdrawn from service and destroyed or returned to the manufacturer.

You can use the Harness Inspection Checklist Form template as it is, in your business, and we will add your business name at the top of each page. The template is ready for you to fill in and complete, you can edit it as much as you need to produce a site specific health and safety document for your projects or workplace.


This 2 page document includes:

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