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This Accident Report Form template can be used to gather accident information so that the incident may be investigated, and action taken to minimise the risk of the accident being repeated.

An accident is any unplanned occurrence that leads to the injury of employees or other persons involved in your activities, including diseases or medical conditions contracted as a result of your activities.

Good health and safety management requires monitoring of your health and safety performance. Accident statistics and frequency is one measurement of your performance.

All accidents, both minor and major, should be recorded in the accident book. In addition, this Accident Report Form template can be used to gather additional information so that the accident may be investigated further, and action taken to minimise the risk of the accident being repeated. It can be used as a record to show that your business takes accidents seriously and as a record of the event.

Informal investigation will be sufficient for minor mishaps. Major accidents, included all those reported to HSE under RIDDOR, should be formally investigated.

You can use the Accident Report Form template as it is, in your business, and we will add your business name at the top of each page. The template is pre-completed for the activity, and you can edit it as needed to produce a site specific document for your project.

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Accident Details, Accident Circumstances, Events, Equipment Involved, Cause(s) of Accident, Injury Details, Treatment, Witness Details, Reported By.

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