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26th April, 2017

How To Find The Best Toolbox Talk Subjects

Toolbox talks should be delivered frequently, and we are often asked how to pick the best subjects. Finding the best toolbox talk subjects for your team will often depend on the work being carried out and the health and safety risks they are exposed to.

As we have discussed time and time again, talks need to be relevant.

Toolbox talks, and in fact, and health and safety information or talks given to the workforce should have a point. The main point being to improve health and safety. If the talk is not relevant, then the information cannot be applied and it won’t achieve that goal.

So, what is a relevant health and safety talk subject for your team?

You can ask a number of questions to help you to narrow down the best toolbox talk subjects that will apply in your workplace:

  • What work is being carried out
  • What tools and equipment are being used
  • What substances and materials are being used
  • What hazards are present
  • What controls are in place
  • What are the main risks
  • What legislation and regulations apply
  • What near misses have been reported
  • What accidents are common

This should indicate a number of subjects that could be good places to start.

For example, if there have been a number of near miss incidents or accidents involving trips, you might want to think about doing a talk on the subject of slips and trips to raise awareness, or good housekeeping to encourage workers to help keep a tidier workplace.

Maybe you have a project coming up that involves the use of lifting equipment and lifting operations, you could carry out a talk around these subjects.

Toolbox talk subjects can be based on tools, plant and equipment, the type of work, health and safety legislation, the materials and substances being used, or more general health and safety best practices like accident prevention, reporting, welfare, and staying safe at work.

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This article was written by Emma at HASpod. Emma has over 10 years experience in health and safety and BSc (Hons) Construction Management. She is NEBOSH qualified and Tech IOSH.

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