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20th October, 2017

What is SSIP accreditation?

SSIP is a new term that has popped up in health and safety in recent years, and often appears in pre-qualification questionnaires and company literature. But what is SSIP?

SSIP stands for Safety Schemes in Procurement.

Is SSIP another assessment you need to go through? There are already so many, CHAS, Acclaim, Safe Contractor etc. If SSIP is a new requirement, how do you join or become a member?

The good news is, no, it’s not another assessment scheme.

You don’t join SSIP, you don’t need to contact them to be assessed. You may even have SSIP without knowing it.

In fact, it is exactly the quantity and variety of health and safety assessment schemes that SSIP is trying to help with.

SSIP is an umbrella body for assessment schemes, and those schemes that become members of SSIP all share mutual recognition.

Supported by the HSE SSIP aims to streamline prequalification and encourage straightforward mutual recognition between its Member Schemes.


If you have health and safety accreditation from SSIP members such as CHAS, Acclaim or Safe Contractor, you have satisfied the criteria for all other SSIP members schemes.

In fact, SSIP now boasts over thirty members, so if you have any type of health and safety accreditation, it is worth checking if it is part of the SSIP standard.

Why is this good?

Well, the aim is to reduce duplication. Ever been in a situation where one client asks for CHAS accreditation, and another asks for Safe Contractor? Before SSIP you would have to go through the full assessment process (and cost) with both schemes.

After SSIP, clients are now more likely to be happy with either certificate, as they both meet the same standards. It’s better for clients as they are not reducing their choice of contractors by excluding those that are accredited by other schemes.

Even if they do insist on one or the other, most SSIP members will no longer require you to go through the whole assessment again. You can apply with your SSIP certificate (for example, provide Acclaim with a valid CHAS certificate) at a reduced cost.

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