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What Is A Construction Site Induction?

Construction site inductions are required on every construction site, so what exactly is a site induction? A construction site induction is very similar to the induction you would get when you start a new job, providing valuable information on the health and safety arrangements.

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Construction site inductions are required by law on every construction site. So they must be important. But what exactly is a construction site induction?

What is a site induction?

A construction site induction is a safety briefing given to workers at the start of the project. It tells them about the safety rules and controls in place, the hazards they might be exposed to, and how to work safely on the site.

It is very similar to the induction you would get when you start a new job. It introduces you to a new workplace, where to find things, key members of the team, who to report to and when.

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The induction goes through the health and safety rules, first aid arrangements and site requirements.

But in construction, you don't just need an induction when you start a new job at a new company. You need one every time you start work on a new site.

What are construction site induction requirements?

Construction site inductions are not optional, they are a legal requirement.

A construction site induction is needed:

For example, if a worker works on Site A this week, and Site B next week, they will need two inductions. One this week (on Site A) and one next week (on Site B).

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If another worker is just working on Site A, they will only need an induction for Site A.

Even if you work on a new site every couple of weeks, or change sites even more often. You need a new induction.

Why are site inductions needed on every site?

With many jobs, one induction is sufficient, as you are always based in the same place. But this is not the case in construction work.

One of the unique features of a construction site work environment is that it is constantly changing. As you build and develop, the site evolves. What was once a hole in the ground, becomes a building that could be a warehouse, a factory, an office, a hospital or someone's home.

In the construction industry, projects start and finish. Workers are often moved from site to site depending on when their trade or skill is required.


A construction site doesn't remain a construction site forever. It becomes a new workplace or serves a new purpose. Construction workers move on to the next project.

No two sites are the same.

And that is why you'll need a new induction on each site. No two sites are the same, and no two inductions are either.

Why are site inductions so important?

Since you need a site induction on every site, by law, you might be wondering why they are so important.

Each construction project can have different teams, arrangements, types of work, environment, hazards, activities and layout.

Unlike other workplaces, this doesn't give workers a lot of time to get familiar with their work environment. One site might have contaminated ground, another site might have overhead services.

Operatives must be made aware of the hazard and controls that are needed where they are working. What was required on the last site, might not be needed on the next one.

There may be new rules and safety measures.

That's exactly why a new construction site induction is needed on each new project. You might still remember your last induction, but that information could not be relevant for the new site.

And it's not just workers that need to attend your site induction, other people who visit your site might need this information too.

What's the purpose of the site induction?

A construction site induction gives workers valuable information on the health and safety arrangements in place, along with the hazards and risks that are present on that site.

The induction covers the essential safety information and lets workers know what the specific arrangements and rules are in place for the site they are working on. Check out what should be included in a construction site induction for more details.

The purpose of providing this information is so that workers know the rules, understand the hazards and are aware of the risks. The induction gives everyone an early opportunity to ask about anything they are uncertain about and clear up any confusion.

Ultimately, this should keep everyone safe and reduce accidents.

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Who needs to give the site induction?

It is the duty of the principal contractor under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) to make sure the site induction is provided.

(4) The principal contractor must ensure that—

  1. a suitable site induction is provided;

Find out more about principal contractor duties under CDM in our free CDM guide for principal contractors.

Who gives the site induction if there is no principal contractor?

So, the principal contractor has to provide the induction. But what about construction projects with only one contractor? When there is no principal contractor? Do you still need a site induction on those projects?

Yes. You still need a site induction, even when there is no principal contractor. It's still a legal requirement to provide an induction under CDM.

On a single contractor project, where there is no principal contractor, the sole contractor must ensure that a suitable site induction is carried out for each worker.

(9) The information provided must include—

  1. a suitable site induction, where not already provided by the principal contractor;

Find out more about what contractors need to do in our free CDM guide for contractors.

When is the site induction provided?

It can sometimes be assumed that the induction just takes place on the first day of a new construction project. But this is wrong.

Inductions should take place on the first day of the project, but inductions are also important throughout the project.

On the first day of the project, you should induct anyone starting work on that day.


But the team on a construction site can change throughout the work. This is often the case, as new trades come in at different stages of the project.

The activities carried out on the site change as the project progresses. And the people involved change too. Groundworkers and demolition workers might be involved at the start, and plasterers and painters nearer to completion.

Someone who joins the project on day 10, or day 50, has missed the induction carried out on day 1. But they still need an induction.

Inductions should be carried out for each new member of the team that arrives, be that day 1 or day 100.

You can use the construction site induction form to create and record your induction.

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This article was written by Emma at HASpod. Emma has over 10 years experience in health and safety and BSc (Hons) Construction Management. She is NEBOSH qualified and Tech IOSH.

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