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6th April, 2016

Happy Birthday CDM 2015 - Quick Refresher

Today marks one year since CDM 2015 came into force for all construction projects in Great Britain. Happy Birthday CDM 2015!

It is also one year since we launched our CDM support service to help your projects comply with CDM 2015.

CDM 2015 applies to all construction projects, from replacing a toilet to constructing an arena. The regulations affect everyone involved in construction, at every stage, including designers, contractors, even (and especially) clients.

Here's a quick refresher on the top CDM 2015 topics, to keep you up to speed.

When does CDM 2015 apply?

CDM 2015 applies to all construction projects, regardless of the size or duration.

Who are CDM 2015 duty holders?

  • Clients
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Workers
  • Principal Contractor (More than one contractor projects)
  • Principal Designer (More than one contractor projects)

What is a Construction Phase Plan?

A Construction Phase Plan is a document required on ALL construction projects, outlining the project health and safety management procedures. This will be produced by the Principal Contractor, or the contractor on single contractor projects.

Who is the Principal Designer?

The Principal Designer is the designer who is in overall control of the Pre-Construction Phase of the project. Appointed by the Client (accept on domestic projects where the appointment can be automatic).

What is a notifiable project?

A notifiable project is one that needs to be notified to the HSE. All the other CDM duties will need to be complied with whether or not the project requires notification. Notifiable projects are usually projects lasting over 30 working days (with more than 20 workers) or 500 person days.

What happened to the CDM coordinator?

This role existed under CDM 2007, but has been removed under CDM 2015. CDM duty holders must now comply with CDM duties without the help of the CDM coordinator.

Need CDM Help?

Get CDM support on your construction projects with our free guides and support packs for all duty holders.

CDM Support

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