22nd November, 2023

Editable Courses And Safety Inductions - November 2023

This month we've launched a new training plan. With this update, you can now create your own health and safety courses, starting with inductions! The latest version of our training plan is available for teams from today.

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This month we've launched a big update for our health and safety training, which includes:

This is a big update, so let's dive into the details!

🎉 Inductions have arrived on HASpod!

Health and safety inductions are often a legal requirement, especially in construction, when you need an induction on every project.

We've always provided tips and tools for inductions, but we've never been able to provide an induction course. Because inductions need to be unique. No two businesses are the same. No two projects are the same. You'll have different teams, procedures, and rules to follow, and you need to include this information in your inductions.

That's why we're excited to introduce HASpod's new Training Plan, which allows teams to create custom inductions and other safety courses from their HASpod account.

1. Start with a template

haspod training create course

Start a new course from blank, or choose a course template to speed things up. We've included three induction templates to get you started, with more templates on the way. Click Create to give your course a title and description of your choice.

2. Add lessons

haspod lesson editor

You can add and edit lessons on your course. The lesson editor is very similar to our document editor, so there's no new learning curve to worry about! Prefer video? Add a video lesson to embed a YouTube or Vimeo upload into your course.

3. Add quizzes

haspod edit quiz add question

Check your team's understanding with multiple-choice quizzes. You can pick any of your quizzes to be the course assessment, to score your results.

4. See results

haspod training results

Select Results from the training menu at any time to see your training results. For each course you pass, click the Certificate button to download your training certificate for the course.

Get the new Training Plan today

Ready to create courses for your team? Get the new Training Plan!

The new course creator is already available if you're on a team Training Plan (or team Pro Plan). Go to Training > Create to try it today and see how easy it is to create a health and safety induction for your team.

On an individual membership plan? You'll need a team to create and share courses with. You can upgrade to a team plan at Account > Billing > Upgrade. Get in touch with our friendly support team if you need any assistance.

Don't have a team? Don't worry! If you don't have a team and want to stay on the old training plan for individuals, this is now available as the Training Pack.

Course updates

Every course has been updated to a new design. You should find that courses are easier to navigate with the sidebar lesson menu. We're also now saving every lesson you complete (rather than saving when a section is completed) so you can pause your learning at any stage, and get back to right where you left it.

This update applies both on our Training Plan and when you purchase an individual course.

What else?

🆕 We've redesigned our course certificates so they look a little more snazzy and you can be extra proud to hang them on your wall (or save them in your records). On the Training Plan, certificates will include your business name and logo for any custom courses you create.

🔁 We now include a free retake for individual courses, so if you fail the assessment the first time, you can repeat any lessons you are unsure of and have another go.

We'll keep adding new content and features every month, create your account to get monthly updates straight to your inbox.

Stay safe,

Team HASpod

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