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27th March, 2017

Introducing The Talks Plan Online Tool Box Talks Service

We are pleased to introduce our new Talks Plan for simple online health and safety talk management.

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One issue that gets picked up time and time again when auditing workplaces, are failures in tool box talk / health and safety talk records.

Either the health and safety talks are not being carried out, or records are not being kept.

Employers have a legal requirement to provide continuing health and safety information, instruction and training to the workforce.

Health and safety talks are a great way of creating a positive health and safety culture, complying with the law, and keeping your workforce safe.

But we get it, it's not always easy to get everyone together, in a room, to deliver a health and safety talk.

Plus you have to get the content of the talk prepared, and then get a record of everyone attending the talk when you're done.

What was supposed to be a 5 minute health and safety briefing quickly eats in to an hour.

And did everyone that signed to say they were there really listen and understand?

Our new service hasTalk has been developed with all of these concerns in mind. You get easy access to library of talks across a range of health and safety topics, and you also have an up to date record of your results, with a report card for each user.

Use hasTalk from your mobile, tablet, or laptop, anywhere with an internet connection.

Everyone in your team has access to guidance, regulations, requirements and best practice information about the subject of the talk.

A simple and quick multiple choice test checks that the content of the talk has been understood.

Results records and reports are available for each user and for your team, great for your health and safety management systems and accreditations.

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