23rd April, 2020

HASpod Update And New Features - April 2020

You might have noticed a few changes on your HASpod account over the past month. In the last few weeks, we have launched a big update that gives your account a new design and a few new features.

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You might have noticed a few changes on your HASpod account over the past month. In the last few weeks, we have launched a big update that gives your account a new design and a few new features.

Over the past 6 months, we've been busy behind the scenes updating your HASpod accounts (what you see when you log in to HASpod). And we're pleased to finally be able to show you what we have been working on. In addition to things looking different, we've added several performance improvements, including moving and upgrading our servers and infrastructure so that your account runs faster.

Bugs and the odd annoying glitch have been fixed. This was a fairly big update, we found and squashed a few bugs* along the way. So things should be running a little bit smoother. *Technical bugs, no real bugs were harmed during this update.

New in documents

🆕 A new documents dashboard has been added. Now there's a better way to get to your latest edits, see what's expiring or browse the templates from your account.

From your account dashboard click documents and get an overview of what you're working on. It will give you an overview of the templates you have available on your account and the edits you have created for your business. Find this on your account under Documents.

haspod documents

You can see what templates you have access to, and when that access period ends (if you are not on a membership plan). You can quickly see what edits you are working on, and when they expire. This should help you keep a better overall view of your documents. Remember to download and save your finished documents to your computer or device to permanently save them.

🆕 Autosave has been added to documents. Ever been working on a document and accidentally closed your browser or lost your internet connection? Annoying! No one wants to worry about losing work. Now our editor will automatically attempt to save any changes you make every few minutes. We still recommend saving frequently if you are making lots of changes.

🆕 In light of the current crisis, we also added a coronavirus risk assessment template and a coronavirus toolbox talk. To help all businesses access these resources, they are available on the Free Plan.

New in training

The training service has also had a design update, and the lesson flow has been updated so it's easier to see which lessons have been completed and what lessons to complete next. This makes it easier to save your progress and dive back into a course after a break.

haspod course lessons

🆕 A training matrix for teams has been added. Want a quick way to see what courses your team has passed? And what about any that are due for renewal? If you have a team account on the Training Plan or the Pro Plan, you can now get an overview of the training courses that have been completed on HASpod in the training matrix. Find this on your account under Training.

The training matrix grows as more courses are completed, so if any courses do not apply to your business, and are not completed by any of your team, they will never show up on the matrix. This helps keep the matrix neat, tidy and relevant to your work.

New in talks

In addition to the design updates, it should now be easier to search talks, filter by talks that have been completed / not completed and see your progress. Knowing what you have completed, and what needs completing next. You can also easily see how long ago you completed a talk, as a guide to when a talk may need refreshing.

🆕 We've also added the coronavirus toolbox talk to the Talks Plan membership, so you can make sure your team is aware of the hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation requirements in the current crisis.

What's next?

First, we're rolling out an updated support service, so we can answer your questions quicker, and improving our self-help FAQs. Our new chat is live on our support page, and we have made it even easier to get in touch with our team. Our support team is available weekdays 9 am - 5 pm UK time, and you can also get in touch via our contact forms any time.

Along with what you can see, there have been many changes behind the scenes so your account runs better, and faster, and so we can continue to grow the HASpod service. And we're not stopping there. We've got lots of things we are working on, including updating the rest of the website, and new features, services and content.

Stay safe,

Team HASpod

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